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ANTI-FACTION APP : Hellequin by ikeemen ANTI-FACTION APP : Hellequin by ikeemen
HAH, WE HAVE OURSELF A CROW CAW CAW and badass companion. bet no one expect that right right? //no?icrai
My other main chara in :iconanti-faction: , i have to say that i'm very happy to see the end result of her ;U; she look not plain anymore from the first i started draw her rofl //ded

"Please don't get yourself too close to me"

Name: Hellequin
Alias: Harley
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 55Kg
Birthday: 9/11
Hometown:  The Vault.

Species: Crow/Raven (CAW CAW CAWWWW)
Occupation: Scientist

Faction: Immunis bird
Title: Member
Base: -

Friendly - She enjoy making friend as well easy to approach to<3 however, she won't let you get to close to her. She usually warned not to-NOT ABSOLUTELY NOT TO FALL IN LOVE WITH HER
Sweetheart - She is total sweetheart esp to her faction members and would do anything to make them live their live into the fullest
Easily impressed- on any slightest bit ROFL.
Easily Shy as well- because of her appearance , she feel awk and sad 
Hopeless Romantic - whenever she see that shoujo moment, she will become gaga over it shh. sad life.
Secretive - Doesn't tell her life much to other even if you are that close to her. She just won't tell you most of the things about herself.
Cheerful - Easygoing playful girl who live her life to the fullest (by working her butt off //ded)
Workholic - She is in love with her work to the point that she even risk her life just to do her work.
Air-headed (at some point) - Even though she's extremely intelligent on her scientific work, but not so outside to the world of Wasteland.

- ALL THOSE CHEMICAL REACTION. H20 H20 02 H2 H2----thats the only chemical that i know actually //ded
- Her scientific work, the research.
- Her Faction.
- Naomi. DUN DUN DUN. i mean wut.
- Fried chicken... O-O ROFL
- THOSE BEAKER THOSE TESTTUBE wut, i mean her lab. //so much love for work //ded
- Shoujo Moment (i once had a dream too---)
- Her prince charming (which is NONE. NOW STOP DREAMING ABOUT THINGS)
- ill think more of it //ded

- any hostiles that after her, because she got no jack shet to protect herself rofl.
- Anyone who chases after her.
- War
- Anyone who try to stop her from anything that she do.
- ANTI-SHOUJO. she gonna make you crai for it. rofl.

Strength: Science ( Hacking ) | Medicine | Explosive
- She able to create something just from her experiment reaction. everything that she do will be the masterpiece of her faction itself. //highpossibilitythatsheabletocreatebiologicalweaponherselfaswell.

Weakness: She basically have no basic skill to fight or hiding herself. So... if she had to, she just randomly throw testubes in her pockets and hope for the best rofl.(they never work because she can't even throw well rofl but they are mostly deadly so just stay away from her test tube or beaker or somethin X)

Entity/weapon: Raven-
A guardian which has a size of supermutant- It's pre-war robot that she found on war zone so she decided to repair it and made it into her companion. He is very powerful and yet very slow.(and yet fast enough to execute his katana to protect Harley). Raven has ability to speak as well (so that she won't get lonri)

Additional Perks:
Good Natured | Four eyes (not even ROFL)

just say that um, she used to be one of people experiment in the vault. TBA-- BECAUSE IM STILL STUCK WITH IT //ded 

none and she looking for her prince charming //no.
Naomi - Her senpai and the one she looked upon to.
Deus - Her frands.
She need more frands. //goes make lovepotion
 tba lelelle

-She has one wing on her right ear and other half on her back. She stated that she lost her the other wings after the second bomb invasion. Therefore she earned herself a title 'fallen angel' (RIGHT~ LEL)
- She is child prodigy on her area, with intel of 10.
-She never take off her mask on any occasions at all. It's simply because the mutation has spread to her lower face (yep, she has the crow feature on that area).
- She also tend to wear that cover arms as well thanks to ^
-She actually has very pale skin color but she experiment herself to make it more human-like tone 
-She usually carry her dual test tube- usually not for her self defense, it's for her experiment, specimen //ded
-Harley has huge spectacle to wear during her work. However it always slip because of the mask getting in the way.
- She prefer working indoor since she's pretty weak herself. (and simply because Raven is slow poke at walking so why bother going out :icondeadbodyplz:)
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rika-i Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013

shoujo moment :iconwind-plz:
ikeemen Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Harley: :iconohdokiplz: please stroke more onegai :icongyaa2plz: //ded
rika-i Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013
oh you like that harley? :iconnaomipepasplz:

ikeemen Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Harley: ... :iconohdokiplz: ofc, it's from nao-sama :icongyaaplz: 

LEL, she need to find her prince charming to get more of it //ded
rika-i Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013
desperately looks for prince charming////
ikeemen Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconohdoki: yes^ desperate like no other :iconomgcryplz:
Calyp-so Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013
she looks so adoreable and totally like this science girl you would imagine :iconheplz:
and that mask is just so epic :icontouchplz:
ikeemen Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
rofl sexy scientist aye? //ded ahhaha yep, simply because im too lazy to think her design //dededed to the extend that i want her nekkid //ded
many thanks ;U;
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